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Message from the President

     October was an exciting and action packed month for our chapter. Our student night at NC A&T was highly successful and saw a great turnout from the students. Mr. Hank Jackson lectured on motor efficiency & energy consumption in commercial buildings, and we provided country BBQ for everyone to enjoy. Our relationship with the students & faculty at NC A&T continues to be one of our core focuses each year, as these students are truly the future of our industry.

The Friday after the meeting was our Adopt-A-Park cleanup at Three Meadows Park in north Greensboro, and our members showed out in droves to scour the park for trash. We had a contest for both most trash, and most interesting trash. While Jim Swofford found the most trash, Adam Hoffman took home the gold medal with his discovery of a teenager's hidden liquor stash under a stump. 

Above: Adam Hoffman scores first prize in park cleanup contest by finding 7 unopened bottles of vodka. The contraband was quickly confiscated.

Following the park cleanup, we headed to Greensboro Distillery to tour the facilty and taste some of Greensboro's finest homegrown spirits. The distilery had just won gold for best gin in the International Spirits Competition in San Francisco.

Thanks to everyone who made November such a great month for our we are entering the always busy holiday season, and our annual Christmas Party & Auction is nearly upon us!!!

We are so excited to host this year at Grandover Resort & Spa, and details and registration are both now available! This is our biggest RP fundraiser of the year, and we always need your support and donations, so please contact Rob O'Berry to assist us in making this year better than ever! This is going to be a FIRST CLASS event. Plan to wear your Christmas best, bring your spouse, and get ready for a great evening of fun. For those that want to make an extended getaway and enjoy all that Grandover has to offer, we have negotiated discounted rates for hotel rooms. 

I wish everyone a wonderful and restful Thanksgiving holiday, and can't wait to see everyone in December!


Kevin McDonald

Chapter President

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Chapter Technology Transfer and Programs

Thank you to everyone who has already attended one of our meetings this year. We are looking forward to many more successful meetings in the future. Our next meeting is our annual Christmas Party. This is always one of the top events of the years so dont miss out. If you have any suggesstions or ideas for future meeting topics or venues please let me know at 


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Research Promotion


First, I’d like to thank everyone who came out to our Fall Golf outing.  We enjoyed some fantastic weather, enjoyed delicious libations, and even played some golf.  These outings are a huge boost to our Research Promotion campaign and I appreciate everyone’s support.  If you couldn’t make it out this time, be sure to keep a look out for our Spring event!

Secondly, if you weren’t aware (it snuck up on me), it’s November!  Tis the season for our annual Christmas Party.  This year’s event will be held at the fantastic Grandover Resort and Conference Center in the Griffin Room on December 7th.  I encourage everyone to come out and enjoy fellowship with your peers, enjoy dinner and drinks, and participate in our auctions to benefit ASHRAE Research.  Tickets are NOW available for purchase online at

Finally, thank you as always to our sponsors who keep this machine turning year after year.  Visit to find out who these folks are.  If you or your company is interested in a sponsorship package, please contact me for the details.

Rob O’Berry

Research Promotion Chair



Image result for grandoverImage result for grandover christmas tree

We are pleased to announce that the 2017 ASHRAE Christmas Party will be held on December 7th 2017 at Grandover Resort in the Griffin Room!! Grandover has been a gracious host to us this year with the accomodations for our CRC over the summer, and we are very excited to return to make this a very special evening in December. Make plans to come, bring your spouse, and enjoy getting into the holiday season with your ASHRAE colleagues! For those that want to make it an overnight date, Grandover will be providing us rooms at a special discounted rate for the evening. So come, enjoy the spa, freshen up for the Christmas Party, and celebrate throughout the evening with us!!

The Christmas Party serves as our primary source of Research Promotion funding for the society year, so we truly depend on our members to come and partake in all the fun. Dinner will be catered by Grandover, and as always we will have both the Silent Auction and the Live Auction! We are already have some awesome auction items in store for this year. 

Note: Registration for the Christmas Party will go live November 17!!

One more time, Thank You to our donors and sponsors who, year after year, put North Piedmont at the top of the list!  For those interested in becoming a sponsor, please contact me at  


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Do you have a co-worker that is not an ASHRAE member? Bring them to the next meeting and let them see what we are all about. At a lunch meeting you have an opportunity to interact with Engineers, Contractors, Vendors, Building Owners, and many other experts in the HVAC industry. It is a great way to network and talk to others about various topics relevant to our industry. 



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Young Engineers in ASHRAE (YEA)

Presented by the ASHRAE Learning Institute, the HVAC Design Essentials Training allows attendees to gain the fundamentals and technical aspects to design, install and maintain HVAC systems.

To encourage attendance by young professional ASHRAE members, YEA offers attendance scholarships to the HVAC Design: Level I – Essentials training. The full cost of registration to Level I of this workshop will be covered by ASHRAE. Any additional costs, such as airfare or hotel, are not covered by this scholarship.

Applications are open through December 31st. Please see the below link to apply.  If you have any questions please let me know ( and I will help you out as much as I can.

YEA Scholarship

I hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving!

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The first refrigeration tour of the year was an enjoyable tour of the Greensboro "Fainting Goat" Spirits Distillery, downtown Greensboro. The owners Norman and Shelley Johnson walked us through a detailed tour of how they produce their finest spirits, explaining how each process helped to craft their incredibly smooth gins, whiskeys, and vodkas. 


Anxious & Thirsty HVAC Industry Professionals

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We all know what is HVAC? (For those who don’t know, HVAC is heating, ventilating and air conditioning.) We also know the usage and requirement of HVAC in today’s world but were there usage of HVAC in our history? Well definitely we can’t imagine the Greeks or the Romans sitting in their rooms fitted with state of art air conditioning systems but we all know they were a smarter breed and they definitely must have had some or the other means to bring them thermal comfort. Let’s take a quick look as what form of HVAC system our history had, if there were any. We definitely won’t find anything similar or even near to the technology we use nowadays but there must be some form of comfort providing system. Let’s find out!


This was a period of Greeks, Romans, Egyptians, Chinese and of course the Indians. While Egyptian’s used to use man powered fans, the Indians used to use rope fans. Roman’s used to use something known as hypocaust (a central heating system which has furnace in the basement and flues to distribute heat). It has a system for radiating heat for rooms and even steam for the bath of the rich. Chimneys were used extensively towards the start of 1400s which allowed people to have private rooms. It is also known that Leonardo Da Vince built water driven fan to ventilate a suite of rooms.

1500s- 1600s

In France, ventilating machines were used in the mines. These machines used to have a series of fans with blades which used to direct fresh air into the shaft. This was the time when the idea of houses with chimneys came to America from Europe. Large quantities of wood and coal were used during that era for heating their homes. Invention of thermometer by Galileo changed the way temperature was measured till then. Ferdinand II developed a thermometer independent of air pressure. This was the time when the very first gravity exhaust ventilation system was made for the US House of the Parliament.


Initially many countries used to use stove built of bricks or fuller’s earth. Fahrenheit invented the first mercury thermometer. The first ventilator using centrifugal fan was made.

The era saw a series of important inventions that changed the lifestyle of the people of the whole world. Benjamin Franklin invented the very first stove which is supposed to be known as the first steam heating system. Then a series of some vital discoveries by Joseph Black including latent heat changed the way heat and temperature was perceived. James Watt brought a revolution by inventing the steam engine. A stove with a furnace for heating air was used in England. This arrangement had system of pipes which could heat up even big factories. Today that arrangement is known as direct fired heat exchangers.

Heat developed from friction was considered a form of vibrations. Carnot founded thermodynamics and James Joule discovered that work produces heat. Heat started to be considered as a form of energy. Hot water heating systems were used for large commercial and public buildings. Also the first warm furnace is developed. Houses with water spray system to humidifying and cooling were used. Supply air and exhaust air systems started to be driven by steam engines.

Also the law of conservation of energy is discovered. The first and second laws of thermodynamics were made. Boilers with higher capacity were used. Laws of gases were discovered and widely put to use.  


This era saw a sudden steep in the inventions and evolution of the HVAC systems. Furnace system with centrifugal fans, high pressure steam heating systems, massive fan systems and high speed centrifugal fans and axial flow fans with small electric motors were in extremely high usage. The first fan coil dehumidifying system was made by a company called Buffalo Forge. The same company made the first spray type air conditioning device. The first railway and industrial air conditioning system was devised by Sturtevant, including a backward inclined blade centrifugal pump. Buffalo Forge designed a system to remove dust particles from air streams.

The HVAC industry started using Scotch Maine type boilers with oil and gas burners and induced or forced type fans were used. A system which brings down the temperature to 10 degree Fahrenheit but increases the humidity to uncomfortable levels was made. The Rational Psychometric Formulae for fundamental calculations was invented. A forced air system which uses a fan was made. The first centrifugal refrigeration machine was made for air conditioning large spaces.

Hydronic circulatory pumps and radiators started to be used in the air conditioning systems for circulating water in the system. The first refrigeration with a compressor was made. The first residential air conditioning was made. Room coolers that use the technology of the refrigerators were made. Panels for heating floors and ceilings started to be made. The use of solar power as a power source was made. The first man walks on moon with life support and cooling systems

The heating pump heats on the reverse refrigeration cycle and on lower outdoor temperatures. Due to the over usage of refrigerants the environment was endangered and thus the United Nations Montreal Protocol for protection of earths ozone layer was signed. With the help of international co operation chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) which depletes ozone layer was phased out from usage. A multi million dollar research program on air conditioning and refrigeration system began.


The history is in the making...

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