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Message from the President

As it starts to heat up and feel more like summer, the North Piedmont Chapter is winding down our typical year and getting ready for a few special events! First, is the golf tournament. Be sure to register and invite your colleagues. See the Calendar of Events Section for more information. As summer wraps up, the chapter will be hosting the Region IV CRC in August at Grandover. This is a chance to show the other chapters in the Region just how great North Piedmont is. Be sure to attend to network, earn continuing education credits and support the chapter. See the special CRC section of the newsletter for more information. 

I would like to take a moment to thank everyone for such a wonderful year. I've enjoyed serving as chapter president and getting to know so many of you. Thank you for also understanding my absence as I was on maternity leave. The North Piedmont Chapter easily lives up to its reputation of active and supportive members. Hopefully all of our hard work pays off and we bring the Rudy Award for best chapter home at CRC. I hope to see all of you there!



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Chapter Technology Transfer and Programs

I'd like to take a minute to thank everyone who helped make our chapter meetings a success this year. We made a decision to host our chapter meetings during the lunch hour at Starmount to make it more convenient and less of a committment than after hours chapter meetings of the past. As a result, we have seen an increase in our attendance, and greater involvement across the board!

As we wind down our chapter year, we begin planning for next year and we would LOVE member feedback & suggestions on potential topics for our meetings next year, as well as any general feedback as it pertains to our current setup. We want our members to get the most out of each chapter meeting, so your feedback is important to us!

Though chapter meetings have concluded, CRC will feature three professional development sessions on Friday, August 11. Sessions last from 1:45-5:30 and will feature Society President Tim Wentz discussing ethics, Chris Mathis on building science lessons, and Henry Green. Be sure to mark the date on your calendar and register for CRC.

Make sure to get your teams registered for our grand finale....the 2017 North Piedmont Chapter ASHRAE Golf Outing at Bryan Park Champions course!!

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Research Promotion

Hello all! I would like to say a big "thank you" to all our sponsors and donors this year.  With just two months left to go, we are right on the doorstep of meeting our goal of $28,000 raised for ASHRAE Research!  Thus far, we have raised a very impressive $24,262 dollars but there's still work to do.  Every dollar helps so let's keep pushing.

The next event is the Spring Golf outting which will kick off Memorial Day weekend this year on Friday May 26, so get your teams together!  If you haven't already, it's time to break out the sticks and get limbered up.  Let's should for a high turn-out and low scores.  Much better than the other way around!

Also, if you're interested in becoming a chapter sponsor, there's still time!  Just reach out to me at for more info.

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Calendar of Events

May 26: Spring Golf Tournament - For more information and to register, visit:


August 10-12: Region IV CRC - For more information, see the CRC section of the newsletter

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Young Engineers in ASHRAE (YEA)

Join the North Piedmont ASHRAE Chapter at the Grasshoppers' baseball game on 5/7. The game starts at 4pm, gates open at 3pm.

We would love to see you there to celebrate Membership Promotion and Young Engineers in ASHRAE. All chapter members, student members, and guests are welcome!

Miguel will be standing outside the Box Office with the tickets at 3pm, when the gates open.  After 4pm, the tickets can be picked up at “Will Call” under the name “North Piedmont ASHRAE”.  If you plan on attending please let Miguel ( know how many tickets you will need as soon as you can.  Thank you!

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The history of James M. Pleasants Company

The history of James M. Pleasants Company is rooted in post-World War II North Carolina – its people, its manufacturing culture, and the vision of a 6’ 2” WWII Army Air Corp. Captain, freshly discharged from the service.

James “Big Jim” Pleasants, the founder and namesake of the company, returned home from the war in 1946, eager to build a career for himself in his home state of North Carolina, where furniture, textile, and tobacco industries were thriving amid the postwar economic boom. It was an opportune time for this NC State University graduate to put his engineering acumen to work by providing these industries with the tools to heat, humidify, and eventually cool their spaces and facilitate their manufacturing processes. 

Jim officially entered the HVAC industry in 1951 when he was hired as a salesperson for the P.L. Guest Sales Company, the manufacturers’ representative for Bell & Gossett (B&G) at the time. Jim, a natural and passionate educator, reflected B&G’s developing vision for using hydronic systems education as a powerful marketing tool. He became an active member of ASHRAE, and began using the organization as an outlet to educate other mechanical professionals about hydronic system design. Many of Jim’s customers and colleagues were also WWII vets, a commonality that opened doors and solidified business relationships. This made a fertile ground for businesses to grow, especially in the heating and cooling industry where demand was growing.

In 1958 Jim founded the James M. Pleasants Company (JMP), the manufacturers’ representative for the B&G line in the Carolinas and Eastern Tennessee. Over the years JMP grew at a steady and sometimes rapid pace, adding more and more outside salespeople as the company’s territory and line card expanded. In 1963 ITT Corp. acquired B&G, and proceeded to purchase other major brands in the hydronic industry, including McDonnell & Miller, Hoffman Pump, and Hoffman Specialty. These too became part of the JMP product offering. A short time later, JMP became an official B&G stocking representative and moved into a former church on Martinsville Rd. in Greensboro, where the sanctuary provided stocking space for B&G equipment.

In 1970s JMP continued to expand, hiring more outside salespeople and opening offices in territories throughout the Carolinas. Chris Edmondson, a former Brady Trane outside salesperson, joined the company in 1971 and would go on to become the JMP Sales Manager in 1981 and then president in 1987. Jim Pleasant’s nephew, David Pleasants, joined the sales company in 1981, focusing largely on industrial sales. David became the JMP Sales Manager in 1988.

By this time, Jim was ailing in health and ready to retire, but he wanted to ensure the continuance of JMP for the employees that had helped him build the company. He decided the best way to do that was to sell the company to the employees. So, in 1988 JMP transitioned into an employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) company, a move that would come to define JMP and greatly strengthen employee loyalty.

Shortly after Jim’s passing in 1988, JMP relocated to what is now its current location at 603 Diamond Hill Court, near Pleasant Garden.

Since JMP was founded, ASHRAE has played a prominent role in the growth of the company and JMP has remained a consistent and highly visible participant at many levels within the organization. Throughout the JMP territories, outside salespersons have been active participants in local ASHRAE chapters, many becoming officers. Chris Edmondson, CEO and former president of JMP, holds the title of Distinguished ASHRAE lecturer. JMP sales engineer, Matt Rowe, is the Regional Vice Chair (RVC) for Research Promotion. And, for the past 5 years, JMP has received the ASHRAE Golden Circle Award, which recognizes companies that contribute $10,000 or more towards ASHRAE Research.

Today JMP is a thriving, employee-owned company with sales offices located in the Carolinas, Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama and Florida. Top lines include Lochinvar, Baltimore Aircoil Company, ClimateMaster, and all the original ITT brands, now owned by Xylem. In addition, JMP represents Hyfab, its own line of prefabricated hydronic systems, which it builds at its 35,000-sq. ft. facility at 206 Seneca Drive in Greensboro.

Jamie Edmondson is the current president of JMP. He shares ownership of the company with the other 160+ employees that work there and voluntarily participate in the company’s stock option plan. Many of these employees have been with the company for decades, and proudly carry on the employee ownership tradition set long ago by Big Jim Pleasants.

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