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Message from the President

Hello North Piedmont Chapter and welcome to your 2019-2020 ASHRAE Year! I am honored to be serving as your Chapter President. I recently spent some time with Society Presidential Member Tom Phoenix as we prepared our history display for CRC, and really took time to process that I'm adding my name to a list of fantastic men and women who've served this chapter dating back to 1939! Thank you for the opportunity to do the same and I look forward to the responsibility.

Speaking of segways, Region IV just held its CRC in Uptown Charlotte over the weekend and your North Piedmont Chapter had a great showing. Thank you to all who were able to attend, and to our great hosts from the Southern Piedmont Chapter for putting it all together. We brought home more than a handful of awards and superlatives (more on those in the Awards section), a testament to the hard work of last year's Leadership. Congratulations to our outgoing President, Kevin Brese, on a great year!

As for the coming year, my great wish for this chapter is to till the soil and get more people involved. We have enjoyed a recent uptick in membership over the past couple years, and I am thrilled to welcome FOUR new, first-time Chairs and Co-Chairs. This is entirely a volunteer organization and I am thankful for the friends and colleagues who generously put their time in to making this chapter such a value to our industry.

Thank you also to our great sponsors who, year after year, have made all this possible. I encourage everyone to pay attention to those scrolling sponsor logos at the meetings and outings. Reach out and thank a sponsor if you have the opportunity. Their money not only funds our meetings and events, but sponsors the research that drives our industry!

Finally, I would love your feedback. We aim to provide a great year of programs that is well rounded and has something for everyone. If there are topics you would like to hear about or discuss, let us know! You can reach out to me at [email protected]

Looking forward to a great year,
Rob O'Berry

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Chapter Technology Transfer and Programs

Hello all, I want to thank everyone for a great turnout on our September meeting. I would also like to thank our speaker Hoy Bohannon, P.E. for informing us on the major changes on ASHRAE Standard 62.1. 

We have an exciting month of events ahead. First, we have our Fall Golf fundraiser on October 11th. I am sure you have recieved about half of dozen reminders about this from already, but one more won't hurt. So please get your teams ready and we will see you out at Bryan Park.

Second, please join us for our joint meeting with the students at North Carolina A&T on October 17th for "Promoting the HVAC Industry for a Sustainable Future".  The meeting will be held in Cherry Hall in Room 111.  We will have Pam Duffy, P.E. start a discussion on how to better promote the HVAC industry.  The meeting will be from 5:30 to 8 pm, and we hope to see you there!

Last but not least, we will be having our Fall Refigeration Tour on October 18th at Gibb's Hundred at 4:00pm.

Thank you,

Miguel Marquez

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Research Promotion

Thank you to all the donors and sponsors who made last year such a successful RP campaign!  Together we raised over $31,000 for research!  

ASHRAE research is vital to furthering our industry.  At any one time, there is more than 10 million dollars worth of projects being conducted that are funded with your donations.  This year, ASHRAE as a whole raised 2.8 million dollars, and our Region IV alone raised $215,000!  That was the first time we've eclipsed the $200,000 mark.  North Piedmont also set the mark for most dollars raised by a "small chapter".  Again, thank you to each and every person who donated.

Stay tuned for our special event schedule as we roll out the 2019-2020 campaign year.  We'll have our staple golf outings, Christmas Auction, the 3rd Annual Skeet Shoot that continues to be a hit, and perhaps something new in the works.  We hope to see you all out at Bryan Park next week!

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Following up with a succesful 2019 Beacon Award for increased chapter membership, we are hoping to build upon this foundation and keep our promotion efforts high. By focusing in on recruitment/retention we believe that the North Piedmont Chapter can effectively utilize our fresh faces to obtain new goals.

Referrals are the top reason new members join ASHRAE and we need your help to keep the chapter thriving. Please encourage any co-workers and colleagues to take advantage of all the ASHRAE has to offer!

Thank you for doing your part to help the society grow & be on the look out for our upcoming Membership Promotion night. We promise you'll love it!


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Young Engineers in ASHRAE (YEA)

Hello everyone,

I am honoroed to be this years YEA chair. For those that don't know. YEA stands for Young Engineers in ASHRAE.

We have already started the year off strong and had our first YEA social event this past month at a Axe throwing event. YES you read that correctly. I will be working with our Membership Promotion, Student Activites, and Research Promotion chairs throughout the year to plan and coordindate multiple YEA events to help engage all our members. If you know of anyone wanting to join ASHRAE or you think would benefit, please reach out. If you have any recommendations for events this year please shoot me an email at [email protected]


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We invite you to join YEA and Refrigeration at Gibb's Hundred on Friday the 18th at 4:00pm for a brewery tour.  Gibb's Hundred is a Greensboro based craft brewery that offers tours and a family and dog friendly environment. 

The address is 504 State St Greensboro, NC.  As it is a joint YEA and Refrigeration event, all ASHRAE members and friends are invited to attend.  Please RSVP to Kevin Heywood so we can get a rough head count.  We hope to see you there!

[email protected]

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Student Activities

Please join me in welcoming a new student activities co-chair.  Joseph O'Keeffe, a recent mechanical engineering graduate of East Carolina University, is serving as North Piedmont Student Activities Co-Chair.  Please welcome Joseph when you meet him.

October is student emphasis month, and as is our custom, we will meet on A & T's campus, in Cherry 111.  Dinner will begin around 5:30 with a presentation by ASHRAE Distinguished Lecturer, Pam Duffy, beginning around 6:30.  The topic of Ms. Duffy's presentation is Promoting the HVAC Industry for a Sustainable Future.

I hope A & T students will join us.  There is no cost to attend, but you must register on the ASHRAE North Piedmont website.  When you get to the payment options, just select bypass payment.

Mark & Joseph

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