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Message from the President

Hello North Piedmont Chapter and welcome to your 2020-2021 ASHRAE Year! I am honored to be serving as your Chapter President. I first want to thank our outgoing President, Rob O'Berry for the excellent job he did. Especially, when the COVID pandemic forced our meetings to go virtual and cancelled our planned outings.  

Speaking of pandemics, this year Region IV held its frist virtual CRC  over various weekends in August.  This CRC was also a joint venture with our Region VII and XII neighbors.  Thank you to all who were able to attend, and to our great hosts of Greenville Chapter and Region chairs for making this possible.  I look forward to going to the in-person CRC (fingers crossed) next year at our Greenville Chapter's neck of the woods.

As for the coming year, my goal for this chapter is to get more people engaged. I hope to do this by having interesting chapter meetings and hosting new outings that can bring us together in a socially distant/responsible manner. 

Thank you also to our great sponsors who have made all this possible. Even during this pandemic, they have continued to support us and contribute what they can.  I ask that everyone to pay attention to those scrolling sponsor logos at our meetings and outings. If you are able to, please reach out and thank a sponsor. Their money not only funds our chapter, but it also sponsors the research that drives our industry!

This is entirely a volunteer organization and I am thankful for the friends and colleagues who generously put their time in to making this chapter such a value to our industry.  I want to thank all of my incoming chapter chairs for the hardwork that they will be doing this year. 

  • President - Miguel Marquez
  • Vice President/CTTC - Desmond Jenkins
  • Secretary - Rob O'Berry
  • Treasurer - John Chandler
  • Membership Promotion - Joshua Wagoner
  • Research Promotion - Brett Baker
  • Student Activity - Mark Bingham
  • YEA - Adam Hoffman
  • Refrigeration - Kevin Heywood
  • Historian - Jim Fields
  • GAC - Josh Barwick


Finally, I would love your feedback. We aim to provide a year filled with captivating programs that are not only beneficial in a technical way but also in a professional development way. If there are topics that you would like to see or if you have any ideas of what we can do to improve our chapter, Please let us know! You can reach out to me at [email protected]

I am very excited for what this year can bring,

Miguel Marquez

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Chapter Technology Transfer and Programs

This years society president is our very own Chuck Gulledge. His theme for the 2020-21 ASHRAE Society Year is The ASHRAE Digital Lighthouse and Industry 4.0.”  If you have not had a chance, I encourage you to watch his Presidential speech.  Here is a link to a video of his speech along with more fun facts of our sitting president (

For our first few chapter meetings, the plan is to hold them virtually as we continue to deal with the coronavirus.  More information on the topic and speaker will be announced soon.  We are looking into ways to be able to host in-person meetings this year. But we want to make sure that we can do this without risking the health and well being of our chapter members.

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