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Message from the President

I hope everyone has enjoyed their April and we are finishing up this ASHRAE year.

We had a great meeting this month.  Ginger Scoggins presented on the development and construction of our new ASHRAE headquarters.  If anyone is ever in Atlanta, please go and visit the headquarters.  It is open to all ASHRAE members.

If you have not already, please sign up for our golf event on May 7th.  I can't wait to see you all in the flesh!

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Chapter Technology Transfer and Programs

As we wrap up this year, we are looking for feedback on the newsletters.  Do you enjoy getting them?  Do you just toss them in your trashcan?  Would you follow a North Piedmont social account (Instagram, twitter, facebook)?

We appreciate any feedback from you.  We will also sweeten the deal by giving the first 10 people that respond a $5 e-gift card to Dunkin or Starbucks (whichever you prefer).  Please send your feedback to [email protected].

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Student Activities

The University is seeking industry partners to host PAID summer Internship Opportunities. The participants will receive, and be paid for, 10-weeks of on-the-job training with local energy efficiency companies. They are recruiting students from manufacturing technology, mechanical, electrical and electronics engineering, CAD/drafting, building construction etc.

  • Participants will be paid $10/hour for 30hrs/week for 10 weeks, Total $3,000.
  • Potential industries: HVAC, performance contracting, building energy management, energy engineering/design, renewable energy, sustainability, and more.
  • Virtual 3-day orientation on May 26, 27, and 28, hosted by NC A&T University, on energy efficiency and clean energy topics
  • Start-date: June1


If you are interested in hosting an intern, or know a potential candidate, please contact Dr Balakrishna Gokaraju (Balu) via email at [email protected] or at (662) 617-5624.

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